DON’T PANIC!! or “How to Get Vaseline Out of Your Child’s Hair.”

For all you mom’s who just googled “how to get vaseline out of hair” – here’s a step-by-step on how to get a whole jar of petroleum jelly out of your child’s hair. And no, you don’t have to cut it off.

Stuff you need:

  1. Paper Towels or an old dishrag/washcloth
  2. A comb
  3. Grapefruit De-Greaser Dish soap (Yes, it really does need to be grapefruit AND degreaser. It just works better.)
  4. Your swimsuit (if they’re young)
  5. A cup (for rinsing, if you don’t have one of those handheld spout thingeys)

Step 1: DO NOT GET THE HAIR WET YET! (But if you did, don’t panic. Go to step 3)

Step 2: Get them in the tub, but don’t start the water yet. (but first take a picture of their hair for posterity)

Step 2: Towel off as much as you can. If it’s really on thick, you can use the comb to scrap layers of it off – wiping it onto the towel as you go. 

If they’re young, I suggest you put on your swimsuit hop in with them for the next bit – dish soap in the eyes is SUPER bad, and your child is probably slippery with all that gunk.

Step 3: Water time! Lather their hair (and any other greasy spots) with the dish soap. Let it sit a minute.

Step 4: Rinse with SUPER WARM water. (the heat is really key.) Cover their eyes with the towel/rag to help keep the soap from getting in their eyes. I had to hold my kicking and screaming toddler still for this part.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3&4. 3-5 times. Too much more, and you child’s hair will be kinda damaged. As well as your eardrums, because if your child is like mine, they screamed the whole time. Make some sort of lavish desperate promise here, like a snickers bar or a whole chocolate cake.

Step 6: Conditioner! Yes, their hair is a little dry, so let it sit in awhile….

Congratulations! Your child still has hair! It might be really shiny for a couple days, but it should be mostly free of that jelly. Wasn’t that fun?

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5 responses to “DON’T PANIC!! or “How to Get Vaseline Out of Your Child’s Hair.”

  1. Yeah I do hope you took a photo of that one, and put it up really soon. lol

  2. Grandpa Tuma

    Unbelievable how you posted this just after I got two entire jars of vaseline in my beard! I mean, how often can you Google how to do something and end up in a family member’s blog?


  3. Jan

    Can’t wait to see that photo! Reminds me of Copper’s “night of the living dead” photo. She got into liquid make-up, smeared it all over her face, lips and hair. It was on so thick, she was completely colorless. Very zombie-esq.

  4. Yeah… you guys didn’t get the call at work saying, “Adeia got vaseline in her hair and there’s no way to get it out so we’re going to have to cut off all of her hair!”

  5. oh my gosh. It’s posts like this that make me wish we REALLY lived close again. I would have been over to your place asap, just to watch this procedure.

    Can I ask, what provoked her to a)find vaseline b)put it in her hair?

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